Humble Might & Magic Bundle Released

The Humble Bundle is back, and it’s celebrating the world of Might & Magic. The pay-what-you-want tier includes Heroes of Might & Magic II and IV, as well as Might & Magic 1-6, and Might & Magic Heroes Online with its angel starter pack. There is no beat-the-average price offered up, but paying more than $12.41 gets you Heroes of Might & Magic V, its “Hammers of Fate” and “Tribes of the East” expansion packs, Might & Magic Heroes VI: Gold Edition, Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, Might & Magic: Class of Heroes and its I Am the Boss DLC, and Heroes of Might & Magic.

The third tier is $15 and gets you all of that along with Might & Magic X-Legacy, its “Falcon and the Unicorn” DLC, Heroes of Might & Magic 3: HD Edition, Heroes of Might & Magic Heroes VI’s “Shades of Darkness” expansion, and a Might & Magic Duel of Champions Starter Pack. There’s an absolute metric ton of things here, so if you’ve ever been curious about Might & Magic, consider┬áchecking out the pay what you want tier and then add to the total later if you like what you see there.