All Future Battlefield 4 Content Free for All Players

DICE’s David Sirland has just confirmed that all future content developed for Battlefield 4 will be free for all players, regardless of whether or not you bought the premium pass.

In the short term, that means you’ll be getting five new weapons and a new mode called Gunmaster mode that swaps out your weapon every time you kill someone. Some time after that, you’ll get night versions of a handful of familiar maps, a feature that many players have been clamoring for for a long time. After that, there’s two new maps on the way — one completely new, one a remake from an older title in the series.

You have to give it to DICE on this one. Sure, the launch of Battlefield 4 was a hot mess, but they’ve really done right by the game since then. If nothing else, it’s a reason to jump back into what was probably the most fun Battlefield game since Bad Company 2, even if it’s just to check out the new free stuff.

Source: BF4Central