Check Out Pushmo: Hippa Land, the Surprise Sequel Released Today

Nintendo has released a brand new video showing off Pushmo: Hippa Land, the Pushmo sequel released out of the blue today in Japan. Featuring four worlds, some creative new puzzle mechanics and a slew of playable characters, Pushmo: Hippa Land looks to take the franchise in exciting new directions.

Intelligent Systems’ newest downloadable 3DS title is also partially free-to-play, giving players free access to the first few levels of each world but charging 300 yen for the next 50 levels or 500 yen for the entire world. Hippa Land can also be purchased in its entirety for 1000 yen, or about $10.

Nothing has been announced about Pushmo: Hippa Land coming west, but don’t be surprised to see it pop up in the coming months, perhaps even during Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event/press conference. Check out the gameplay trailer below: