Imageepoch Files For Bankruptcy After Ceasing Operations Last Year

Imageepoch has been responsible for some of the most unique JRPGS of the past decade, pushing out titles like Luminous Arc, Stella Glow and Arc Rise Fantasia. Sadly, the developer has today filed for bankruptcy. In the bankruptcy proceedings, it was revealed that the company ceased activity in November 2014.

Imageepoch was $11 million in debt at time of filings.

The news does not come as a big surprise the company has fallen onto hard times lately. Although they brought in nearly 20 million dollars in 2011, that number shrunk to just north of $4 million in 2013. Meanwhile, the company’s CEO has been missing for months (and remains so today).

Imageepoch last released game in North America was 2013’s Time and Eternity and their last game will be 3DS’ Stella Glow next month.