Indie Exploration Game Dev Makes a New Level Each Day For 100 Days

Forgotten Passages is a minimalistic, linear exploration game built on Unity Engine with a big emphasis on atmosphere and visual wonder. You play as a little girl with a smartphone who has discovered a string of portals into many different forgotten parts of the universe, each one being a small level. Each miniature level is a visual experiment and follows a variety of different styles; some levels are sort of cyberpunk, some are creepy and some are just bizarre. We won’t spoil too many of them here because each one is unique and certainly worth a look.

But what is most interesting is that since the game’s inception on April 6, developer Josiah Munsey has been creating a new level for the game every day. So far, he’s made 36 levels and will continue to do so until he hits 100… or in other words, 100 days.

In the near future, Mr. Munsey also plans to have the game available on for people to play.

We’ve got GIFs of three of the levels below. To see them all and to follow Mr. Munsey’s progress, head to his tumblr or hit up his Vine!