3D Thunder Blade Now Available on 3DS eShop

Thunder Blade was one of those Genesis titles that was far ahead of its time, offering an almost pseudo 3D shooting experience. Much like how Space Harrier was flawlessly remastered for the 3DS, Thunder Blade too joins SEGA’s ever impressive and growing 3D Classics library.

3D Thunder Blade features options for gyroscopic controls, an alternative remixed soundtrack, adjustable difficulty settings and a mode that recreates the look and feel of the original arcade cabinet. Furthermore, 3D Thunder Blade will have an exclusive new mode that featuresĀ upgraded attack powers, new enemy patterns, all-new enemies and even an additional stage exclusive to the 3D Classics remaster.

3D Thunder Blade is pretty much the best possible rendition of the Genesis classic, and you can purchase it now from the eShop.