90s Arcade Racer Looking Better Than Ever in New Wii U Trailer

Has it really been almost five months since the last update on 90s Arcade Racer?  Apparently so, but the quiet on this side of game development doesn’t mean Pelikan13’s team hasn’t been busy.  A new Kickstarter update came out today (backers only, sadly) with a new WiiU gameplay video attached, and while some of the tracks looked familiar from the previous trailer, there were a couple of unexpected goodies included at the end.  The first pleasantly weird section is a race on a toy slot car track, complete with a very Toy Commander vibe to the room.  The other surprise is a complete curve ball, though, showing off a bonus mode that’s got nothing to do with racing at all.  It’s been far too long since a new Buster Bros., and if 90s Arcade Racer wants to borrow its gameplay for an extra mini-game I’m more than happy to see it included.  Check out the new trailer below to see the game running on the WiiU at a beautifully smooth 60FPS.