Microsoft Releases its E3 2015 Plans

After what can only be considered a successful E3 in 2014, Microsoft is poised to take the stage once more to prove that games are the Xbox Division’s true focus. If you were wondering when you’d get the chance to see footage for all of 2015’s biggest Xbox releases, as well as information on some currently unknown projects, wonder no more: the Microsoft E3 Briefing will be at 9:30 AM PDT on June 15.

The most exciting aspect of this announcement was that Microsoft confirmed that previously unannounced titles will be shown off during the briefing. Obviously new games are announced every year, but it’s still great to know that a major focus will be placed on new projects. Whats more, Microsoft will be holding a 60 minute live show every day at E3, titled Xbox Daily: LIVE at E3, from 4:00-5:00 PM PDT throughout the press conference. Likely a more condensed Microsoft version of the Nintendo Treehouse content, this should give gamers a chance to understand new titles in a more intimate setting.

Finally, Microsoft is giving 500 fans the chance to win access to E3 via The Xbox Fanfest: E3 2015. Not only will these fans get access to the Microsoft E3 Briefing, but they’ll also gain entry to an Xbox Fanfest party, a Twitch party, an Xbox eSports presentation, access to developers and publishers, and currently unannounced surprises. With this final announcement it’s clear that Microsoft is doing its absoute best to win over hearts and minds this generation.