NISA Accounted for 64% of Nippon Ichi’s Revenue Last Year

Never underestimate the power of an otaku. Nippon Ichi Software have just released their financial results for FY 2014/2015 and suffice it to say, it’s been a great year for NIS America. The western arm of the Japanese publisher brought in revenue of $1.1 million, which accounted for about 64% of the total revenue of Nippon Ichi (3.67 million yen).

This is surprising news considering that NISA simply localizes Nippon Ichi games which are developed and intended for the Japanese market. These high sales were likely the result of the unexpected success of the first two entries of the Danganronpa series.

With Disgaea 5 and the third Danganronpa still ahead this year in North America and Europe, NISA should post disproportionately strong results again for the year.

Nippon Ichi will focus on Steam and mobile support, The Witch and the Hundred Knight’s PS4 release and (unsurprisingly) strengthening their relationship with NISA in the upcoming year.

Check out the full results (in Japanese) here.