Costume Quest to get an Animated Adaptation from Frederator Studios

Frederator Studios, the company behind Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, and Bee and PuppyCat, has (basically) announced a Costume Quest animated cartoon.

“Here are Allie Urrutia, Aidan Sussman, Sinclair Dumont, and Issac Ryan Brown at this week’s recording session for an upcoming Frederator Studios cartoon (we’re sworn to secrecy at to what it is, but it’s based on a video game which sounds a lot like Mostume Mwest),” the studio announced on its official Facebook page.  Included was a snapshot of all the voice actors with accompanying character sketches (pictured below.)


Zac Gorman, who designed Costume Quest’s graphic novel adaptation, is also writing and storyboarding the cartoon.

It’s unclear as of right now whether the cartoon will be a series, short, webisode, or any of the dozens of ways we can have videos delivered to us today, but we can expect news shortly.