Redbox To Begin Stocking Fallout 3 During E3 2015; Signal of Fallout 4?

Redbox does not make it a habit to stock old games. Alas, they aren’t like the video rental stores of old where there were rows upon rows of shelving to rent games on. Many Redboxes can only rent a dozen or so different games at once, so they tend to carry the latest and greatest in the genre. So it’s odd then that they would begin to stock Fallout 3 — a seven year old game — exactly on the day E3 2015 begins.

Yet that’s exactly what the company will do when it re-releases Fallout 3 on June 16 to Redbox kiosks nationwide:

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 5.43.59 PMIt seems to hint that the company expects there to be significant hype for the game around that time, which leads us to think that they’ve been tipped off about the release of its successor. Redbox has in the past stocked older films when the sequel comes out in theaters, so it seems likely they’d do the same for a major game. It could just be speculation on their part, but that seems unlikely given that nobody would likely rent the game if there were no announcement.

Bethesda’s press conference will be held on June 14, so we won’t have to wait long to find out.