LEGO Dimensions Goes Back to the Future in Latest Trailer

A new, partly live-action trailer came out today for merchandising action-adventure game “LEGO Dimensions”.

Going with the huge WB-powered pop culture crossover theme, this latest trailer stars none other than Christopher Lloyd himself, or as he is better known as: Dr. Emmett Brown — the man who invented time travel in the classic “Back to the Future” film series.

Looking to hit the ground running with its competitors Skylanders and Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions will also feature popular series like Batman, Doctor Who, The Simpsons and even Portal! It will be exciting to see what else will show up as it seems anything belonging to Warner Bros. is fair game.

Sit tight and hang on to your wallets, we’ve got the latest trailer “Great Scott” below. LEGO Dimensions will be out in the US on September 27, and in the EU on September 29.