Subaeria Lands on Greenlight With New Trailer

Way back at PAX East there was a game I got to check out called Subaeria.  It was a neat little action/puzzle game where you used your drone to take over enemy robots and then the environment to destroy them.  Sure, it’s easy enough to send a robot into a laser fence, but using its spinning blades to topple a tower of boxes so that the explosive one on top lands near another robot, and then using the hijacked bot to blow up both enemies at once?  That’s always fun to do.  Unfortunately the take-home build and my PC didn’t get along very well, so by the time I cleared out the PAX East backlog all I could say is “this is neat!” without being as descriptive as Subaeria deserved.

As of today, however, Subaeria is on Steam Greenlight and could use a bit of attention.  It arrives with a shiny new trailer that combines the action of tricking robots into eviscerating each other with a killer beat.  The heroine Styx has no combat abilities of her own but her drone is pretty handy thanks to upgrades found throughout the levels, so the trick to the game is to control Styx with the left stick and the drone with the right.  Once the drone has hijacked a robot you switch to controlling it with the right stick instead, maneuvering it to cause as much trouble as possible.  Basically, it’s The Adventures of Cookie & Cream with suicidal robots.  The video shows off a few other abilities as well, such as Clone, which lets you make a hologram of yourself for the robots to attack.  Set it up between two sets of bots and they’ll slam into each other, because while they’re determinedly homicidal they’re also just dumb enough to be fun to mess with.  If you like what you see in the video below, head on over to Greenlight and give the Subaeria campaign a once-over and a 1-up.