The Power Drive 2000 Vector Valley Gameplay Trailer

Power Drive 2000 landed on Kickstarter the other week with a killer trailer and high hopes, but while the campaign has gotten a little attention it needs significantly more to bring its neon-soaked synthesizer-backed 80s racing gampelay to life.  The demo that was initially going to be released doesn’t seem to be happening (I’ve been looking forward to writing a hands-on article with it, but best-laid plans and all that) so instead Megacom Games has released a gameplay trailer of the time trial for Vector Valley.

Vector Valley is a flat track, and a very clear tribute to Outrun.  Palm trees with neon blue polygonal edging zip by at high speed as the car speeds towards a the most 80s sunset imaginable, while tunnels edged in green lighting carve their way through blue-line vector-style hills.  Even the low-tech dashboard (of the future!) screams 80s design.  The racing gameplay seems to work off a fairly simple but always fun drift/turbo mechanic, where drifting around corners refuels the turbo, allowing you to chain one move into the other.  While this particular track is flat, the other courses shown off in the original video had hills, what looks like the start of a loop, stunts, and even an open course that looked a bit like a driving version of Race the Sun.  There’s a lot of fantastic design-work in Power Drive 2000, and now that there’s a full gameplay trailer it’s looking like the driving should be great fun too.  Head on over to the Kickstarter page and take a look, if the video below seems like the kind of thing you’d like to see more of.