Fractured Space Adds New Carriers and Crew

Have you been keeping track of Fractured Space? It’s the latest game from Edge Case Games, you know, the folks behind Strike Suit Zero. Although both games are space-based, Fractured Space is about team-based combat and strategy.

It also happens to be celebrating being on Early Access for exactly six months thus far. To celebrate, they’ve added a batch of new content in the form of two new ships and 11 additional crew members. The two new ships include the Zarek Carrier and Zarek Infiltrator.

The Zarek Carrier is a slow, massive ship made for transporting giant crews, but can cause a change of the tide in battle by launching fighters and bombers. As for the Infiltrator, it’s a¬†cloaking stealth¬†ship with attack focus. Don’t let yourself get caught, as this one has a weak defense.

Fractured Space will remain in Early Access a while longer where you can buy it for $9.99, but note that the game is set to transfer to a free-to-play version later this year.