Arcade Racer ‘SyncLoop’ Seeks Greenlight Support

One of the challenges of being an indie game fan is there are dozens of titles you’ll love that almost no one else seems to know of. Case in point, Goscurry was one awesome game that didn’t get much press, even after its launch on Steam this year. Luckily, it seems another developer may have been inspired by it, or simply created a similarly fun project.

SyncLoop is a game in much the same vein as Goscurry. It presents a racetrack from an isometric perspective with 90 degree angle turns. As your space ship blasts down the road, players must turn at just the right moment so as not to crash. It also appears you can’t swap the camera around, meaning you’ll have to ensure pushing left or right actually turns the vehicle¬†in the direction¬†planned!

Simple, stylish artwork helps SyncLoop stand out as well. With 40 stages and multiple gameplay modes it looks like a challenging fix for arcade game fans. Feel free to visit SyncLoop’s Steam Greenlight page to learn more.