Roundabout Coming to PS4 Next Week with Remastered Xbox One Visuals

Roundabout is a hilarious FMV-based puzzle driving game that was praised in our review when it arrived last year. Basically, all you need to do is drive a constantly-rotating limo to destinations, but it’s a task much easier said than done.

PC and Xbox One players have already experienced the fun of riding with Georgio Manos, but now it’s time for PS4 owners to get in on the action. There’s even a few tweaks in store for this release. For one, the 1080p video has been remastered. Developer No Goblin also added in controller light bar support to display limo health.

The PS4 gets Roundabout next week and will include a 30% launch discount exclusively for PS Plus members. When it comes to Vita later this year it’ll also offer Cross Buy support.