Sekai Project Announces New Game Acquisitions at Fanime

FanimeCon 2015 played host to a great deal of new announcements from Sekai Project during their panel on Friday. In total, four games were revealed as getting an English release sometime in the future. They aren’t all visual novels, either!

First came the announcement for Resette’s Prescription which is described as “a point and click with puzzle elements.” Next is Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moon – a 2D platformer with magical abilities. An 18+ release was also included in the form of Sacrament Sheep, a yuri visual novel. Suffice to say that won’t be coming to Steam.

Finally was word of a brand new visual novel called Memory’s Dogma. This comes to us from LizArts, the same team behind Resette’s Prescription. Below you’ll find promotional videos for a few of the upcoming releases.