Rock Out With Rebel Galaxy: Your Space Dream Come True

Have you ever wanted to go where no man (or woman) has gone before?  Move illicit cargo while dodging the Alliance? Maybe you think you could do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. Given the chance, you know you wouldn’t ever get Lost in Space. While you’re not from one of the twelve Colonies, nor will you be piloting a Leviathan, or fighting Goa’uld or Wraith, get ready for your dreams of space to come true. Well, at least on your screen.

You receive a message from your Aunt, who you haven’t heard from in years. Her message includes codes which give you access to one of her old spaceships, the Rasputin.  She also sends you coordinates to a less than reputable space station, asking you to urgently meet her there as soon as possible. When you arrive, your aunt is nowhere to be found, but she has left you a mysterious package.

In Rebel Galaxy, the universe is alive around you, with holidays and events, interesting characters and aliens to meet, a multitude of jobs and missions to take.  Visit space stations to upgrade your ship, or when you’re affluent enough, buy bigger and better ones.  And do it all to a Rock and Roll soundtrack accompanying the entire ride. You’ll explore a 3D universe on a 2D plane, much like sailing a ship on a wide open ocean.

On the topic of the music, going for rock seems like an odd choice. We’re so habituated to hearing epic, sweeping music when seeing anything set in space. But the soundtrack works, making you feel more akin to a space trucker than the captain of a starship.  The overtones feel remarkably like Firefly, so much so they could virtually slap a franchise sticker on the box.

While the ships may seem small in the scope of the space around you, they’re not minute at all. Even the smallest ship can host a crew of hundreds.  So load up on crew members and set them to tasks, such as gunners.  Which brings us to the combat. While your ship is locked on a 2D plane, other ships are not. The enemy will have no problem flying circles around you. Targeting is done automatically, with you (or your crew) doing the firing.

You’ll fly from mission to mission through a beautifully painted cosmos.  Jump to warp to get there faster, just be careful not to warp straight into a star (that’ll go badly for you).  As you explore space, you’ll encounter pirates, distress signals, asteroid fields and much more.

Make your own way in this epic space adventure. Every choice you make will affect the universe around you.  Will you play by the rules? Attack only those that attack you? Mine for resources and trade between planets? Or will you assail the innocent and steal their goods? Dooming planets to go without their needed supplies? Your actions have consequences.

The prospects are endless for you. Whether you want to be an illegal slaver to a humble miner, Rebel Galaxy will genuinely open up a universe of possibilities.