First Part of Guitar Hero Live Tracklist Revealed

Guitar Hero Live is set to revive the music game genre, and today, the first part of the tracklist was revealed. Initial songs include

  • Halestorm – “Live Bites (So Do I)
  • Tenacious D – “Tribute” Beartooth – “I Have a Problem”
  • Pearl Jam – “Mind Your Manners”
  • Rise Against – “Tragedy + Time”
  • Soundgarden – “Been Away Too Long”
  • Anthrax – “Got the Time”
  • Architects – “Gravedigger”
  • Chevelle – “The Clincher”
  • A Day to Remember – “Right Back at it Again”

#TracklistTuesday is now a thing, so it would appear that every Tuesday, a new set of tracks will be released for the game.