Microsoft Slashes Xbox One Price By $110 in China, Day One Edition Still Available Months After Launch

China is still a volatile market when it comes to video games. The entire medium was banned in the country for years and on top of that, it’s a country that has to constantly combat rampant piracy. After being on the market for nine months, Microsoft have dropped the price of the Xbox One from RMB 3,699 to RMB 2,999 (approximately $483) — a drop of about $110. The model with the Kinect has been dropped from RMB 4,299 to RMB 3,799. The Day One Edition of the console has also been dropped to that price point, which has failed to sell out nearly a year into its release.

Even with the price drop, however, the Xbox One still remains more expensive than the PlayStation 4, which retails in the country for RMB 3,299 with a camera.