Devastated Dreams Announced, Inspired by Pregnancy and Filipino Folklore

Indie developer Infinitap Games, creator of the successfully Kickstarter-backed game Neverending Nightmares, have announced a new psychological horror game today called “Devastated Dreams.”

Whereas Neverending Nightmares was about the progressively dreadful struggles when living with OCD and depression, Devastated Dreams is inspired by Creative Director Matt Gilgenbach’s fears surrounding his first yet-unborn child – fears that are amplified by his OCD. The sort of panic that comes from being an expecting parent with a kid on the way, not knowing how to get it just right the first time, and the concerns with being able to raise and properly protect something you already hold so dear are some of the complicated feelings Matt and his team are trying to express with this game.

Devastated Dreams is set in the rural Philippines, a place without electricity or running water. Players will assume the role of a woman named Angel, who may or may not be pregnant, as she attempts to navigate through nightmares plagued by “aswang”, monsters taken out of Filipino folklore. The aswang primarily prey on young or unborn children, making them the perfect metaphor for the catalytic doubts and terrors that so many of a soon-to-be parent’s fears would draw from. Like Neverending Nightmares before it, Devastated Dreams will have a 2D hand-drawn art style meant to convey the anxieties and vulnerabilities inherent in its source material.

To celebrate this announcement, there is a 66% discount on Neverending Nightmares on Steam right now. For more details on Neverending Nightmares, and our impressions, go here.

Devastated Dreams is planned for PC, Mac, and Linux sometime in 2016. Take a look at its new teaser trailer below.