Chaos Rings III Launches on iOS and Android

The mobile space isn’t exactly bustling with top-notch RPGs. Sure, Kemco have several diamonds in the rough, but even their best titles aren’t masterpieces. Square Enix, on the other hand, may be the first developer to deliver a truly console-like experience on one’s smartphone. Chaos Rings first launched several years back to solid reviews, and subsequently went on to spawn a few more installments. Even still, it’s been a while since the last entry, leaving those who enjoyed the series desperately clamoring for more. As of now, they need not clamor any further.

Today Square Enix launched the third main-line game in the franchise, Chaos Rings III, introducing players to the city of Neo Paleo and the planet Marble Blue. Folks assume the role of Nazca as he makes his way toward Marble Blue in search of “treasure, new lands and mythical beasts.” According to the press release, the game features over 100 hundred hours of gameplay, a story mode, battle mode and new combat mechanics.

While its $19.99 price tag is a little higher than the average mobile game, if it’s anything like the previous titles, it will be money well-spent. Be on the look out for our review of the game in the coming days. In the meantime, Chaos Rings III is available for purchase iOS and Android devices now.