Call of Duty: Black Ops III Mountain Dew Promotion Teaming Up with PS4 Instead of Xbox One?

There’s nothing more synonymous with Call of Duty than Mountain Dew and Doritos, so whenever something new comes out of either brand, it’s worth taking notice. A reddit user has posted the first picture of the upcoming Mountain Dew Game Fuel this year which as per usual features Berry Lime and Call of Duty (Black Ops III this time, of course). While nothing seems out of ordinary for the branding, there’s a large URL on the label that directs purchasers to ““:


Upon going to the website, it forwards to “PWRUP, where there are three logos: Mountain Dew, Doritos and PS4:

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 8.57.06 PM
More still, the website states “All year long, DEW® and DORITOS® are teaming up with PlayStation® to bring you closer to greatness with rewards for your favorite games.”

While the website currently features Warframe, it seems possible that it will change over to Black Ops III when the Game Fuel promotion official launches.

This is notable as Mountain Dew has teamed up with the Xbox version of Call of Duty in year’s past, like last year’s promotion for Advanced Warfare:

If Mountain Dew has indeed teamed up with the PS4 version of Black Ops III, we have to question whether or not this means that Activision will also be pushing this version instead of the Xbox version as they’ve done in previous years. Of course, this could simply be a deal that Mountain Dew has struck with Sony, or just coincidental that the brand seems to be teaming up with PS4 seemingly exclusively otherwise, but we’ll follow the story and report back as soon as we can confirm more.