Chibi-Robo Makes a Comeback for 3DS, amiibo Support Included

It’s been nearly a decade since the introduction of everybody’s favorite little cleaning robot. Chibi-Robo is coming to the New 3DS in a new action platforming adventure and doesn’t have time to clean any messes. He’s too busy battling enemies, solving puzzles and swinging around levels to do any boring chores, which is conveniently much more entertaining.

The Nintendo Direct footage shows Chibi-Robo attacking enemies with his cord and using it to plug into platforms and use it as a grappling hook. He can even use it to pull platforms down in order to cross gaps or crush enemies. There are also more powerful attacks to use with the cord if Chibi-Robo needs to bust through tougher blocks.

And, for all you amiibo collectors out there, Chibi-Robo will be receiving his very own figure. Using it on the game gives him extra power, speed and a fancy gold coloring.  Yes, since it features amiibo support, that means it’s only available for the New 3DS. Signs point to a release for sometime this year but no word yet on Chibi-Robo coming to North America.