Fire Emblem If Has Village Building, amiibo Functionality

In today’s Japanese Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that the upcoming Fire Emblem If will feature a village building mode called “My Castle”. Along with constructing buildings, players will be able to interact with characters and buy items, effectively making “My Castle” a more robust version of the “Barracks” feature in Fire Emblem Awakening.

If’s Direct segment also revealed the game’s amiibo support, which will allow players to scan in each of the four Fire Emblem amiibo and recruit the characters into their party. Perhaps the strangest feature of My Castle is My Room, which allows players to call characters into their room and pet them Pokemon-amie style to strengthen their bond. You can also bolster your relationships with characters by visiting the bathhouse, which appears to feature ample fanservice.

Lastly, players will be able to StreetPass other Fire Emblem If owners and explore their villages, launching into battles and purchasing version-exclusive items. Fire Emblem If is set for a June 25 launch in Japan, and is announced to arrive in North America sometime in 2016. Check out all the footage from today’s Nintendo Direct below: