Super Mario Galaxy Released on Japanese Wii U Virtual Console

During today’s Japanese Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced the return of Super Mario Galaxy, the Wii classic that set a new standard for 3D platforming. Originally released in 2007, Super Mario Galaxy joins its sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2, as one of only a handful of Wii games available digitally on Wii U. The game’s digital release also all but ensures we won’t be treated to an HD Super Mario Galaxy Collection, but Nintendo plays by its own rules.

As Super Mario Galaxy was first released nearly seven years ago, Nintendo saw it necessary to release a lengthy gameplay trailer featuring some of the game’s incredible level design and exciting power-ups. Whether Mario will return to deep space for a third adventure remains to be seen, but western Wii U owners can likely look forward to playing through his first space-faring epic again or for the first time in the near future.