ARK: Survival Evolved is Now on Steam Early Access

Following up on their announcement last month, indie developer Studio Wildcard have launched their beautiful debut open-world dinosaur-themed survival game ARK: Survival Evolved on Steam Early Access today.

Survival Evolved takes place on the island ARK, and features all the open-world survival elements you would expect: crafting, building, cooperative and competitive multiplayer, and a hazardous game world. Players will be able to join a tribe, a potentially player-constructed village community with its own economy and food. They can make clothes and build complex, working houses with electricity, running water, but also traps. Of course, players are not alone on the island, they can work together, fight, or even rob eachother blind. Not to mention there are the plethora of gorgeously rendered tameable and trainable dinosaurs that populate the island. Couple all that with a leveling system and the island’s own cavalcade of secrets, and you have a notably dense and ambitious first impression.

For early adopters, ARK: Survival Evolved has a 17% launch discount, making the Early Access price $24.89 right now. After June 16 though, the game will be up to $30. ARK is meant to be a huge, Unreal Engine 4-powered open-world game with a lot going on, so don’t let the initial bugs discourage you.

Studio Wildcard intends to have ARK: Survival Evolved all wrapped up and ready to go for a full multiplatform release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux sometime in summer 2016. For more details on ARK: Survival Evolved, head here.