Domination Mode Unleashed in World of Tanks, Introduces Respawns

Wargaming has announced the all new Domination Event has arrived to World of Tanks offering players a new fast paced approach to tank warfare including repair stations, respawns and Tier 10 vehicles in a capture the flag variant game type. This limited time event is available starting today and will run through the month of June.

The Domination Event features ten minute battles with three special vehicles available free for all players to use: the AMX 50 B (D), Object 140 (D) and t?110?5 (D). For the first time in World of Tanks, this event introduces the ability to respawn. Once a vehicle is destroyed, tankers are sent to a selection menu to choose a new vehicle and roll out back into the battle.

To win the match in Domination, players must achieve more Victory Points than their opponents within the 10 minute time limit. Victory points are earned by destroying enemy tanks and by capturing flags and taking them to select zones on the map. Additionally, during each game tankers will be able to resupply ammunition and repair their vehicle at one of four special areas located on each map.

Check out screenshots below: