Doors Will Kill You With Logic and the Promise of Bacon

Doors landed on Steam Greenlight today, looking for love in all the weird places.  It’s a minimalist first-person logic game about determining which door is the one that won’t kill you, leading to tasty bacon instead of death.  How do you know which is which?  By thinking really hard, of course.

The header image is a shot of one of the earliest puzzles, and it’s relatively simple.  Exactly one door is correct, so therefore the other door is lying.  Both look like they could be correct but if one is, the other isn’t, and the phrasing of the statements makes it clear which door wants to kill you.  And then things get massively more complicated, as these situations tend to do.  It doesn’t help that, as is evidenced by this screen, even a lying door might be the correct one to pick.

The world needs more pure logic games in it.  Check out the trailer below to see minimalist presentation meet maximalist brain-workout, and if it catches your fancy then head on over to Doors’ Greenlight page and give it a push towards success.  After all, there’s bacon at the end, and who can say no to bacon?