Humble Nindie Bundle Gains Three Games

Last week, the Humble Nindie Bundle changed the game for console bundles. For the first time ever, consoles were included with a gaming bundle. Today, the existing eight game bundle gained three new games. Sportsball, Gunman Clive, and Runner2 are now a part of the bundle. In terms of overall value, the $10 tier is a great buy if you don’t have its games since it’s only about $1 more than the beat the average price.

If you’re on a super-limited budget, then paying whatever you want for Guacamelee’s definitive edition and Mighty Switch Force are great values. If you can spend the full $10, do so though, as OlliOlli, Runner 2, SteamWorld Dig, and Gunman Clive are excellent games that I personally recommend. This bundle is going on for six more days, so you’ve got some time to act on it if you want anything in it at a lower price than it will ever be offered on the eShop itself.