Fallout 4 Could Be Launching in 2015

Bethesda’s highly-anticipated RPG Fallout 4 might be available in 2015, according to multiple retailers.

While the developer released an announcement trailer for the game yesterday, there was no sign of a release date or a release window. However, there is a strong indication that the game will see a 2015 release.

A number of retailers such as Amazon and Gamestop, show a release date set at the end of 2015.

A NeoGAF user Spotted EB Games promotional material, which was released just after the games announcement. The image states that Fallout 4 is “Coming in 2015.”

Even Bethesda’s online store initially read that Fallout 4 was to release “TBA 215.” the site has now be changed to “TBA.”

Fallout 4 was revealed yesterday in the debut trailer and confirms Boston as the setting. The game will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

  • Maltruism

    Thanks for reminding me that I still need to finish New Vegas.

  • Lmac77

    If it’s true it will easily end up being GOTY, after the typical first wave of patches come out lol

    • Datguy

      Idk.. there’s quite a bit of open world games that have already been released or are going to be released that I feel have a better chance at that title. Such as Witcher3, Mad max, just cause 3, and maybe some others that just aren’t coming to mind.

      But tbh I don’t feel like this trailer really offers anything (the graphics don’t look too amazing, though I haven’t known fallout to be too graphical in general), will have wait and see the gameplay shown off at e3.

  • Iofiel

    I know I’m in a sharp minority on this but I really wish Bethesda would experiment beyond “brown, brown and maybe some grey” landscape. After 200 years, let’s see some live trees and grass. It’s ironic that New Vegas, set in the Mojave, has given us the most trees so far. I’d love to see the Fallout milieu imposed over a wilderness-reclaimed city.

    • Omegacron

      If you’re playing on a PC, there are numerous mods that do what you’re suggesting. You can have anything from a little greenery here & there to a wasteland practically taken over by jungle.

  • provista

    I’ll get the GOTY in 3 years @ 75% off

    • Omegacron

      Same here, but probably a lot less than 3 years. We might see it within a year if the DLC’s come out quick enough.

  • Neil Q

    “TBA 215”? My god, it’s time traveling. Run!

    12/31/2015 is always a placeholder date, and that means relatively zero when it comes to 99% of game release dates. Here’s hoping F4 will be that 1%.

  • Jareth Cutestory

    Guess it’s time to finally get around to new vegas.