Last Few Hours to Get ‘The Fruit of Grisaia’ on Launch Sale

Hey, did you notice that The Fruit of Grisaia launched on Steam last week? This is the first in a trilogy of visual novels that was crowdfunded by Sekai Project on Kickstarter.

This unique high school tale which ventures into very atypical territory has drawn tons of attention in Japan, leading to an anime series and spin-off. So far, genre fans are responding with heavy praise for the The Fruit of Grisaia’s English release.

The regular Steam price for The Fruit of Grisaia is a relatively hefty $39.99. Those who grab a copy before 10AM PST on June 5, however, will snag it at 20% off (or $31.99). It’s not a┬ámassive discount, but one may not be bested by the upcoming Steam Summer Sale regardless.