We Happy Few KickStarter Goes Live, Pre-Alpha Gameplay Released

From the creators of Contrast, another quirky game, comes We Happy Few. In We Happy Few you must escape from a dystopian city in 1964 England.

In order to do so you have to conform to the odd laws of the city in hopes of not arousing any suspicion. The trick is We Happy few is fashioned like a roguelike and you’re not given any sort of special abilities to make it easier. To get a sense of what you can expect Compulsion Games has uploaded a 16 minute pre-alpha gameplay clip to help you out.

The 16 minute clip shows off quite a bit of how the game works. While it definitely has bugs, because it’s pre-alpha, there’s enough here to tell whether this is something you’d like and possibly even support; hence the KickStarter going live.

We Happy Few has a goal of $201,353 and is currently at $40,378 with 1,303 backers. If you’d like to further check out the game and the people behind it you can do so here.