Mad Catz Dads and Grads Sale Begins

Mad Catz is celebrating both father’s day and graduation with a huge Dads and Grads sale. Anyone with a passing interest in the Mad Catz MOJO microconsole should get one in some form or fashion here. The core system is $104 and comes with one controller, while a second controller can be added for only $16 more.  A MOJO and STRIKER M keyboard bundle is available for $160.

Anyone wanting a CTRL gamepad for iOS devices can get it for $48, while the Micro version is only $40. If you want a micro pad for Android, it’s only $24 and both that and its full-sized brethren work on other Android smart devices and even the Amazon Fire TV devices. This sale runs until June 21, so you’ve got some time to scrouge the funds together to get something here. The best overall gaming deal seems to be the MOJO and an extra pad for $120.