Tales of Berseria Officially Announced for PS4, PS3

The longtime-running, peculiarly-named “Tales of…” action JRPG series is an anime-style fantasy IP with a popular following in Japan and a progressively larger cult-following in the West. Nevertheless, the series is big enough to hold a “Tales of Festival” specifically for the celebration and promotion of the series in Japan.

Today at this year’s Tales of Festival, publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment officially revealed Tales of Berseria, one of three titles the company had trademarked back in April; the other two being “Tales of Orfellia” and “Tales of Alestia.”

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Berseria so far is that it stars a lone female protagonist: a raggedly-clad, determined-looking young woman named Velvet. For those unfamiliar with these JRPG gems, the “Tales of…” series has never actually had a main character who was both the single main character and also female. In the past, female protagonists have only been featured along with a male protagonist, such as in Tales of Xillia, which starred female protagonist Milla and male protagonist Jude.

Tales of Berseria Seiyu and Main Character

Slide quote says, “I won’t give up. I’ll grab onto them as many times as it takes.”

Bandai Namco went on to announce main character Velvet’s Japanese voice actress: Rina Satou, whom anime fans may know from shows like Blue Exorcist or A Certain Scientific Railgun. Anime industry veteran Mutsumi Inomata will return as the game’s character designer. The game’s occasional anime cutscenes, a series staple, will be done by Ufotable, a popular animation studio responsible for shows like Fate/Zero and the anime cutscenes in recent Tales games like Tales of Xillia and Tales of Zesteria.

So far, the game is only announced for Japan, with no confirmed release date as of yet. Tales of Berseria will be on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.


Source: Anime News Network, Image via Game Jouhou