Why Every Bomb Shelter Will Need a Copy of Fallout 4

Hours upon hours were spent playing Bethesda’s critically acclaimed title, Fallout 3, and for good reason. Exploring every nook and cranny of the Washington D.C. wasteland was exciting and left a sense of wonder to what was around the next corner. Players got that same sense in Fallout New Vegas. It has been nearly five years since players have seen a new Fallout, but the next installment is finally on the arise with Fallout 4.

A few days back, Bethesda released the Fallout 4 announcement trailer and that glorious three minutes has us only wanting more. The trailer is something special, one of the best and most anticipated we have seen in a long time. Graphics, setting, even the voice acting; the trailer was honest and did everything right.

Fallout has never been know for having stellar graphics and earthy tones are the usual. While this trailer is what we expected graphically out of a Bethesda title, there were some aspects that were aesthetically pleasing. Switching back and fourth between the bright, colorful, clean past and the dark, bleak, desolate future was a nice touch. From the little details of the dog searching the obliterated house to the destruction of the barren wasteland, the graphics are on point. The trailer wasn’t afraid to show of some the graphical flaws either which was a bold but great move on the developer’s part.

Boston is not a new setting for a post-apocalyptic title. The Last of Us took place in the city as well, showing off the State House and the town of Lincoln. While it was great to see a few landmarks that the city is famous for, exploring the city was not the focal point, but rather the character interaction. Fallout 4, however, will be going in a different direction. So far, we’ve seen Fenway Park, the Paul Revere statue, the State House and the Bunker Hill Monument. These designs were identical to the actual landmarks and traversing through the city will be a lot fun. While unconfirmed, it’s likely that even more famous landmarks will be added.

Hearing the Lone Wanderer speak “Let’s go, pal” was unexpected and the highlight of the entire trailer. One can only imagine that this game will be similar to The Witcher, Mass Effect or many other games as far as selecting dialogue is concerned. It’s unclear at this time whether or not the Lone Wanderer will be fully voice acted, but if he is, it will add that much more immersion to the gameplay. And with a game like this, that can only be a good thing.

The Fallout 4 trailer could not have been more perfect, hitting every key element we wanted to see. From showing Boston’s desolate wasteland and famous landmarks to hearing the Lone Wanderer speak, things are only looking up for Bethesda and open-world RPG. With rumors of the game coming out this year, Fallout 4 will hand downs be the most anticipated.