Llamasoft’s iOS Catalogue Slowly Turning Free, Game By Game

LLamasoft experimented with going mobile a couple years back and the financial rewards were, sadly, unimpressive.  It’s been two years since the last iOS game came out and at this point it looks like they’ve made as much as they’re ever going to, so for the past few months Jeff Minter has been making them free, one at a time.  Not ad-supported free, or free-to-play free, but 100% free, go play and have fun without being nagged about it free.  Today’s releases (which still show as $1.99 and $3.99 on the store but will probably have updated by the time you read this) are GoatUp (App Store link) and GoatUp 2 (App store again), a pair of platformers where you’re a goat eating the grass off a series of platforms extending into the sky, and while the first one is randomly generated the second is not only hand-built but also includes a level editor.

The other games that turned free are Super Ox Wars (found here) and Gridrunner (over here), both back in April.  At this point it’s a little under half of the Llamasoft iOS releases that no longer have any kind of price tag attached, so if you check them out and like what you see, there’s still a few games left you can show support for with a bit of pocket change.  My personal favorite of the bunch is Five A Day, a chilled, trippy take on Time Pilot (one last App store link) that I’d love to see get a fully fleshed-out sequel now that Llamasoft is back to doing console and PC games again.