Four More Smash Bros. Characters Yet to be Revealed, Inklings are Likely

With the recent announcements of Mewtwo and Lucas returning to the Wii U and 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros., fans have been clamoring for new fighters to enter the fray. Everyone is always listing off old school characters, something we’re even guilty of. It’s not a bad thing, we saw Pac-Man make an exciting comeback in the game, but what about new school video game characters?

The very bottom of every character page on the official Smash Bros. website has every character lined in a row. Clicking to the very end will reveal Mewtwo, Lucas and four blank squares. We currently have no real, solid information on who could be added. There have, however, been clues found hinting to another former smasher, Roy, as well as music clips for Ryu of Street Fighter to make appearances. If these turn out to be true there will be two spots left up for grabs. If not, well hey, still got four to go.

smash bros
One interesting challenger has a lot of potential to appear. Inklings from the recently launched colorful shooter Splatoon could be a likely choice. They’ve got more going for them at the moment than any other Nintendo character. Inklings would make excellent additions to the battle, they’ve already been exposed to copious amounts of player to player mayhem since last week. Multiple color choices, tons of weaponry and immense backing from fans could all factor into them becoming the next competitors.

We’re already getting a nifty Inkling outfit for Mii Fighter to use which could either be a hint or all we’ll get. But that means they already have some of the character attributes included into the game, or maybe the Inklings were worked on the entire time. It’s been confirmed that Greninja was developed for the game long before he appeared in Pokémon XY. The same deal could have been in the works for Inklings to work on them before Splatoon was released. Who knows, perhaps they’re the most requested character submitted through the Smash BrosFighter Ballot. There is still some time left to cast your votes if you want Inklings in Smash. Inklings just make a wonderful addition to the roster. Their fresh new style brings a much needed face-lift to the recycled cast of characters always used in Nintendo products. Including them in Smash will solidify any future investment in the brand.


Speculation is always fun and who knows what’ll happen in the next several months. But the fact that there are four empty spots on the website is enough evidence to get anyone excited. We’ll have to keep our eyes and ears on any upcoming Nintendo Direct streams as well as the Smash Bros. website. Don’t worry, once Inklings are announced as the next DLC character, we’ll definitely let you know who called it first.