Mother 4 Fan Project Facing Constant Delays

The fanfare over Earthbound, Mother and Lucas coming to Smash Bros. is running hot. It’s a pretty popular franchise despite its limited access. With no actual sequels or spin-offs in the works as far as we know, however, it’s up to dedicated fans to program and design their own game to continue the legacy. 

When it comes to fan-made video games, the road can be long and it can be downright brutal. For years, Mother 4 has been in development by a small team but the lack of progress is catching up to them. The most recent update on the game comes with a confession of how much the team is struggling.

They’ve missed deadlines and don’t want to continue letting down the fans which is why they’ll only be updating every so often. This is not to say there hasn’t been any progress at all, rather not as much as they expected to have up this point in time. You can read more about the delays on the site, check for future updates and perhaps even lend them a helping hand in the art department.