Myst-Like ‘Quern’ Hopes for Kickstarter Success

Even non-adventure gaming fans should pay respects to Myst, one of the first PC games to really generate mainstream appeal for this industry. Because of its massive impact it only makes sense that tons of folks remain inspired by the title.

Quern: Undying Thoughts is an upcoming 3D adventure game where players must explore an island, discovering secrets along the way. With gorgeous vistas, tons of puzzles, and a distinct narrative it’s definitely channeling the better parts of Myst.

Gamers seem to agree. In only a few days Quern: Undying Thoughts was successfully Greenlit on Steam. Of course, the most pressing matter at the moment is Kickstarter. They’ve already chipped away at some of the $30,407 goal but need to continue gaining support for success. The Quern: Undying Thoughts campaign currently has 40 days left to go.