Sony Morpheus Release Details Leaked By Online Retailer?

Sony’s VR headset has been the subject of much speculation but there hasn’t been a lot of actual info released, outside of a few press events where prototypes have been available to play with.  An Austrian online retailer (no promises this link that has the listing will remain live long) may have let a few details out of the bag early with a listing for Morpheus today.

The VR headset has been listed with Q2 2016 release date and pricing equivalent to 450 in US money. While that price doesn’t seem like could fly beyond the enthusiast market, it’s closer to actual information than anything we’ve gotten so far, so maybe Morpheus is going to be a rich kid’s toy.  Hopefully Sony will be spilling all the details at their E3 press conference next week, but right now all we can do is sit and wait and see if this indeed the future of Morpheus.  Impatiently, of course.

Check out a screenshot of the listing below: