Square Enix Japan Developing a New Front Mission?

During Square Enix’s relatively recent attempt to outsource their IPs to western developers, Front Mission unfortunately received the short end of the stick. Released in 2010, Front Mission Evolved was the first Front Mission title made outside of Japan, and it didn’t meet the standards fans had expected. Double Helix, developers of Killer Instinct and Silent Hill Homecoming, who are now owned by Amazon, turned the beloved SRPG title and morphed it into a third person shooter with little charm.

Rumors coming out of Siliconera are that Square Enix Japan are currently working on a new Front Mission title. Their source states that Toshifumi Nabeshima, longtime developer of the Armored Core series along with Chromehounds, will be at the helm. Unfortunately, no further information has been given, but the fact Square Enix hasn’t abandoned the series is a positive notion.