Tic Toc Games on Development, Kickstarter, Future of Pip

It sounds like you’ve had a good experience with Kickstarter, so do you think you would return to that platform for another game?

Shereef: Oh boy, it’s a lot of work to do a Kickstarter. I mean, I think we will, but I think now we know what we’re really committing to by doing that. It’s basically like 30 days around the clock work.

Marc: The entire team has to spend part of development doing the Kickstarter.

Shereef: It’s like the first part of the project is: Plan the Kickstarter. Then the next part is: Kickstarter. Pre-production is really like everything you need to do before the Kickstarter, full pre-production. So yes, we would, but it’s definitely a very intensive process. An awesome, intense process.

Cathy: Yeah, there’s lots of things I would change in the next one.

Shereef: Cathy did a lot of flippin’ work. Cathy is so funny because she’s so behind the scenes, so now we’re making her go everywhere with us, because nobody sees Cathy and she’s really the glue that’s holding everything together and making sure that everything’s moving forward. She’s kind of that quality eye that’s just like “Hey! Get this back on track”.

Cathy: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! DID I SAY TO DO THAT?!”. (laughs)

Shereef: She can be a thug, too. Don’t let the sweet voice fool you — she’s kind of a gangster.

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Pip was an idea you guys have had for about three years; Do you have an idea planned already for another game?

Shereef: Oh, we have so many. Honestly we have a lot of IP we want to explore next, and we’ve actually been a little gridlocked here as to what to green-light next, because we’re so focused on getting Pip out. And you know, we have all these great ideas in incubation, but for now we’re 100% Pip. We’re really just making sure that all goes smoothly. But after that, one of the things we talk about is “Is there an evolution to Pip?”, and the next version of Pip, you know. Maybe a sequel? But then we have all these other cool characters we want to bring onto consoles as well, and we really just have to decide what to go after next. But right now we just want to make sure this one’s  done right and 100%.

Cathy: I only think about Pip.

Shereef: And it sometimes keeps her awake at night. I’ve got the text messages to prove it. “Make sure this happens before tomorrow. Did you send this to such and such?” and I’m like “Yes, go to sleep.”

Well when you’re not thinking about Pip, what games do you play?

Cathy: Marc, you should go first.

Marc. You.

Shereef: I’ve been playing Monster Hunter a lot lately. I like my Monster Hunter on 3DS a lot. But also the other day I was really stressed so I was playing Pokemon Snap!. I was like “I need to feel like I’m in an amusement park”, and that was perfect. I was dropping a bunch of apples to Charmanders and taking pictures of them because they’re so cute. That just makes me smile so big.


Marc: We have an office Clash of Clans clan. (Everyone laughs) Everyone in the office is part of the clan, and we can coordinate battles really easily. We’re pretty badass.

Cathy: Marc gets pretty mean, though. Like, we’re in war and someone messes up and he’s like, “You’re ruining it for everyone”.

Shereef: I kind of suck at Clash of Clans

Marc: I think we have to kick Shereef out of this next war. (He and Cathy laugh)

Shereef: Daaaamn. That’s mean.

Cathy: I just finished Tomb Raider.

Marc: I just started Tomb Raider.

Cathy: No, you started Tomb Raider like a year ago. I remember when you got it.

Marc: Okay, I’m in the middle of starting it. (laughs)

Cathy: Back to the original question though, I’m in the middle of GTAV–

Shereef: Gangster.

Cathy: What’s funny about that game is whenever I play it I’m always in the strip club, so when my partner comes home there’s like, boobies on the screen, and I’m like “It’s not what you think! It’s part of the story…”. (Everyone laughs)

Shereef: You are so blushing right now.