Indie 4X Title ‘Remnant’ Reaches 25% Funded on Kickstarter

Putting a game on Kickstarter these days is just as stressful as it ever was. If you’re not Keiji Inafune or ex-members of some much-loved developer then getting attention is often the biggest hurdle.

Remnant, an innovative 4X RTS on Kickstarter, is still trying to overcome that obstacle. Players are free to explore the vast space system, customize their ship as they see fit, and engage in huge battles. The coolest aspect however is the sabotage system, which allows for all sorts of ways for players to exploit things to their will.

Thus far, Remnant has raised 25% of the approximate $6,179 goal. The game was also already Greenlit on Steam. It’s a good start, but with 15 days to go more folks are going to need to jump on board.