Last Guardian at E3?

It wouldn’t be E3 without some crazy rumor going around, and this year it’s that the Last Guardian will be making its long awaited appearance.

This news comes from an article ran by The Guardian. In this article they showcase their 15 most anticipated games at this year’s E3 and low and behold The Last Guardian has made the list.

According to The Guardian, they have it on “very good authority” that the game–that’s been in development since 2007 mind you–will actually make an appearance this time around. They don’t know if it’ll still be the same game we say in 2009, but something bearing the name will be there, supposedly.

So this E3, starting June 14 with Bethesda’s highly anticipated first ever E3 press conference, keep your eyes peeled and check back here frequently for any news of the game actually showing.