Mega Man: Best of Mega Man 1-10 Deluxe Vinyl LP Musical Collection Announced

After record labels realized how lucrative it was to press film soundtracks on vinyl, it seems they’ve now turned their attention to video games. Over the past six months we’ve seen more game soundtracks on the format than ever before and now the blue bomber is looking to get the treatment. Spacelab9 has today announced “Mega Man: Best of Mega Man 1-10” for vinyl. The vinyl debut of Mega Man, the deluxe LP includes 22 tracks hand-picked by the Capcom Sound Team spanning from 1987-2010.

More still, a special variant will be pressed featuring a level boss. Fans will be able to choose who this is by voting here.

Check out the tracklisting and jacket art below:

1. Stage Select [MM1]
2. Cut Man Stage [MM1]
3. Elec Man Stage [MM1]
4. Metal Man Stage [MM2]
5. Wood Man Stage [MM2]
6. Flash Man Stage [MM2]
7. Crash Man Stage [MM2]
8. Dr. Wily Stage 1 [MM2]
9. Skull Man Stage [MM4]
10. Bright Man Stage [MM4]
11. Dr. Wily Stage [MM5]
12. Stage Clear [MM5]
13. Flame Man Stage [MM6]
14. Wind Man Stage [MM6]
15. Theme of Bass [MM7]
16. Burst Man Stage [MM7]
17. Cloud Man Stage [MM7]
18. Tengu Man Stage [MM8]
19. Galaxy Man Stage [MM9]
20. Fireball Strike [Strike Man Stage] [MM10]
21. Nitro Rider [Nitro Man Stage] [MM10]
22. Game Over [MM9]