Best Buy Canada’s E3 2015 Sale Revealed

For as long as we remember, Futureshop has had an E3 sale that blew away expectations. It originally started as a pre-order two and get one free model, but since the Canadian dollar has been falling, that deal has changed. Last year, Amazon and Best Buy both entered the fray by offering 30% off games if three were purchased, but with Futureshop no more, this year’s deal isn’t as grand.

It has been revealed through their weekly flyer that Best Buy will be offering 20% off all pre-ordered games throughout the course of E3 (June 15-18). While this is still a decent deal and only forces consumers to buy two at a time, it’s still very much lacking, especially considering most games now are upwards of $79.99+tax in Canada.

Hopefully Amazon will be able to counter with an even better offer this year as they’ve been doing well both in the USA and Canada to match or beat existing deals.