Cast of the Seven Godsends Coming Soon to Steam

We may be in the middle of 2015, but there will always be indie games catering to classic gaming themes. Case in point, let’s look at Cast of the Seven Godsends.

In many ways, it seems just like a game from the SNES or Genesis era. The 2D action platformer includes five weapons, six worlds to explore, and character bonuses. But, there’s also the matter of exchangeable armor sets as well as tons of magic spells which can be called upon during battle.

Unlike most modern indies, Cast of the Seven Godsends also forgoes expected pixel art for a more hand drawn, if still pixelated, approach. It’s more of a reimiaginging of retro games than a technically accurate recreation.

Cast of the Seven Godsends will launch this July for $6.99 on Steam and “other leading digital distribution channels.”