Final Stretch Goal for Bloodstained Revealed In Its Last Two Days

So remember a while back when Bloodstained was announced and the details of the funding were revealed?  The Kickstarter was less about making the game happen at all as showing there’s enough interest in a new Iga-created Metroidvania to warrant investor funding, so the $500,000 goal was 10% of the estimated total budget.  Then the campaign blew past its initial target in a couple hours, cleared a million soon after that, and settled down for the long haul over the last month.  Now it’s cleared $4,000,000 with an additional $133,000 from Paypal donations, and with 50 hours on the clock at the time of this writing there’s still time for that final push to the finish line to clear a stretch goal or two.  While a couple of them should be easy pickings, as of this evening the final goal has been revealed and, if it can be reached, will give Bloodstained a chance at serious long-term replay value.

So far the bonuses that have been earned are a second playable character (with a third in a stretch goal that’s just about to be met), local and online multiplayer, several new game modes and difficulty levels, Wii U and Vita ports, new game plus, and even an expansion of the castle to be the biggest one Iga has ever created.  The “Sword or Whip” voting ended with Sword being the winner, making the ultimate weapon in the game being a very hard-to-earn katana, and there’s even a sword-whip (like what Ivy wields in Soul Calibur) to appease both voting blocs.  Basically, Bloodstained has grown hugely over the last month, and if it can reach its final stretch goal of $5,000,000 there will also be a rogue-like dungeon added.

While the description is understandably short on full details, this mode sounds fairly similar to something like Rogue Legacy.  The entire castle will be randomly generated, and beating it earns the seed so you can share it with friends.  Getting to the final stretch goal also means earning a bonus pre-release mini-game, so with a little bit of luck and a lot of last-minute pledges, Bloodstained promises to be a massive, even more fully-featured return to the genre Koji Igarashi loves best.



Not what the Kickstarter-backer exclusive Iga-based boss will actually look like, sadly.